Hébert Labs


This site is the web-presence of Hébert Labs, the facilities where I conduct research and development, or sometimes just scientific inquiry, in such fields of study as

  • mass spectrometry
  • mathematics
  • printed circuit design & prototyping
  • ion optics
  • ... and anything else interesting.

Most of my work has been proprietary, and is protected as such. I've spent a great deal of time and effort working on the development of a man-portable hypersensitive mass spectrometer, but I won't be publishing those details here (or anywhere else for that matter).

I hope to someday commercialize and profit from my work (assuming it's ever successful), so until then I'll be keeping those efforts to myself. I do hope to someday publish the results of that work right here on this site, but even then the details will not be made public.

On the other hand, it happens that most of my time and effort has been toward developing the needed abilities and skills to affect the R&D of my project. In other words, most of what I've accomplished was done in support, but not directly as part, of this on-going project. And of course I will happily report those efforts, and perhaps some others that are interesting too, right here on this site.

So I hope you find your visit both interesting and informative. Thanks for dropping by, and I remain




Joseph E. Hébert, Ph.D.


Hébert Labs Motto

Scientia ● Mens ● Veritas.

It's Latin for knowledge ∙ understanding ∙ truth. It is, I believe, the natural sequence of growth. Through knowledge we gain understanding and learn the truth. Let me elaborate.


Scientia, the root word from which we get the word science, is Latin for knowledge.

Knowledge is the beginning of learning, but it is only the beginning. It is but a single step removed from ignorance.


Mens is Latin for understanding, but it means much more. It means mind, intellect, judgment, resolve and courage.

In other words, mens here reflects the kind of understanding that produces confidence. It is the kind of understanding that lends courage to conviction.


Veritas is Latin for truth. Many would say that wisdom should complete the triad, but overlooking, ignoring or otherwise omitting truth can never lead to wisdom.

Think of it this way. What is the opposite of truth but deceit? Moreover, obfuscation and confusion are the tools with which deception is wrought. It is a corollary then, that if obfuscation and confusion lead to deceit, knowledge and understanding must lead to truth.

Only then can one attain wisdom. Wisdom is, after all, the judicious application of knowledge, understanding and truth.

Hence the motto, scientia∙mens∙veritas.

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