Hébert Labs

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street address: 98119 N 3745 Rd; Okemah, OK 74859-5071

phone: 918 623 3078

email: Click on the business card to email Hébert Labs.


I am happy to hear from you, assuming you're a real person and not a web-bot. Feel free to contact me if ...

  1. ... you have comments or questions about something you read on my site.
  2. ... you have a suggestion for something you think should be on my site.
  3. ... you want to discuss contracting my services. I don't really do a lot of contract work, but if it's particularly interesting or lucrative, I might.
  4. ... you just want to say, "Hi!"

On the other hand, if you're trolling for email addresses to spam, I'm not interested in ...

  1. ... suggestions on how to improve traffic to my website.
  2. ... suggestions on how to improve my ranking in search engines.
  3. ... helping any Nigerian princesses move their family's fortune.
  4. ... any stock tips.